Strategic Projects

Dr. Robert J. Potter has used his extensive network of relationships, broad experience, and deep technical know how to help many large and small, public and private companies as well as investment firms.

Each project is a separate entity. They are fixed price and fixed delivery date; all expenses and incidentals are absorbed. The objectives are carefully and sharply defined in letter of understanding; formula contracts are not used.

Project reports and/or presentations are conclusive and follow-on tasks or continuations are not proposed. A project is a singular piece of work with a complete conclusion.

  • Evaluation of the business viability of a geosynchronous satellite telephony
  • Development of an aggressive sales approach for a sophisticated network ticketing system
  • Performance measurement of a call center serving computer and communications users
  • Creation of a strategy for data and voice modems for the cable TV environment
  • Advice to the CEO of a Fortune 25 Corporation on “his most difficult business problem”
  • Definition of a plan for a manufacturer to sell to the Regional Bell Operating Companies
  • Rupert Murdoch’s advisor on satellite-to-home TV and other technology projects
  • Prediction of the direction of the television and multimedia businesses
  • Analysis of the relative viability of the Macintosh and Wintel PC businesses
  • Evaluation of the strategy and structure of an independent telephone distributor
  • Management interviews to assess the effectiveness of a help desk
  • Advice to entrepreneurs on tactics to optimize their relationships with alliance partners
  • Profitability analysis and strategy development of cable TV business opportunities
  • Marketing of a patented non-toxic, non-flammable biodegradable polymer
  • Determination of the feasibility of a three-satellite, 200-channel direct broadcast TV system
    Development of a strategy for the environmentally safe use of lead
  • On-site turnaround of a near bankrupt fiber optics component manufacturer
  • Development of a marketing strategy for an electronic imaging product line
  • Assessment of the emerging multimedia business for a Fortune 25 manufacturer
  • Determination of the business viability of a new high speed modem
  • Acquisition of a technical service business for a telecommunications distributor
  • Comprehensive study of the individual strategies of the Regional Bell Operating Companies
  • Business plan for a field-going machine to harvest protein directly from green crops
  • Evaluation of certain recent mergers of telecommunications companies
  • Analysis of a new approach to market high speed Internet access
  • Assessment of the business viability of an electronic technique to read gas meters
  • Analysis of many alternative energy concepts
  • Advice to the investors on the launch of a boutique consulting company focused on enabling technologies to integrate disparate applications, systems and databases
  • Analysis of executive compensation for small private technology companies
  • Assessment of the repair process for a major cell phone manufacturer
  • Structuring and management of a retreat and subsequent study of the impact of new technologies on The Delivery of Healthcare in the 21st Century
  • Expedited the sale of a $200 million government services company to its ESOP
  • Planned and facilitated a strategic conference on Doing Business in America for a European contract manufacturer
  • Assessed the business model, succession plan and board governance of a community bank
  • Developed strategic alternatives for a cellular tower consulting company
  • Analyzed needle-less, micro-needle and laser techniques for drug delivery
  • Benchmarked the research and development journal of a major multi-national corporation
  • Developed a branding strategy for the American subsidiary of a large Japanese corporation
  • Facilitated a strategic conference for a specialty engineering/manufacturing company
  • Studied director compensation for a $500 million NASDAQ company
  • Analyzed the productivity of sales and service for a telecommunications distributor
  • Analyzed a micro-miniature neurological brain tissue sensor
  • Studied patent infringements of multi-function printer/fax/copy machines