Technology Startups

PMP Corp. – Founder and CEO

Designed and built unique insulating building materials. Sold a number of significant installations, e.g., Comiskey Park in Chicago. Sold the business successfully after one year.

Digital Products Corp. – CEO

Designed, manufactured and marketed the first robotic phone dialer and monitored ‘house arrest’ bracelets. Significantly increased its revenue.

Aster Corporation – CEO

Early fiber optic couplers and switches. Assumed role when the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. Sold the company generating a return to the stockholders of half their investment.

SpeedFC – Director

One of a two-person board tightly coupled to the entrepreneur of this third-party fulfillment company. With no technology or patent position, from a cold start, this company grew to $77 million in sales in 12 years maintaining an EBITDA of 10%. Twelve stockholders enjoyed the return of ten times their investment when Navarre acquired Speed.