Special Consulting Assignments

IITRI – Facilitator

Facilitator of the divestiture of IITRI, the government contracting component of Illinois Institute of Technology creating an ESOP standalone company, Alion Science and Technology. The complex deal involved three organizations, the seller, the deal generated over $100 million to the seller, the ESOP and the management. All had legal advisors and investment banks. Two fairness opinions were required. The financing involved employees’ investments, a bank loan, a mezzanine note and a seller’s note and leading to the building of an independent $1 billion business.

Rupert Murdock – Consultant

Provided advice to Rupert Murdock on several communications and computer projects. A major subject was satellite-to-home television. A partnership was formed with NBC, Cablevision, Hughes and News Corp. called Sky Cable. This was the first satellite TV system to be designed for a modest-sized antenna. When the partnership fell apart, the business evolved into DirecTV.

Indus Capital Advisors – Analyst

Provided extensive monthly reports on alternate energy products, technology and systems for 33 months. Each report covered 25 to 50 subjects and included an executive summary.

Tatum CIO – Founding Chairman

Hired by Doug Tatum, founder and CEO of Tatum CFO, a unique business and structured partnership, to launch a similar partnership of Chief Information Officers, called Tatum CIO.