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R. J. Potter Company supports company management and investors in reaching their business and financial goals by innovation, analysis, strategy development, and occasional on-site management. Dr. Robert J. Potter has technical and business expertise in many different industries and technologies. Experienced in product development and adept at on-the-spot problem solving, Potter offers creative solutions to both technical and marketing situations. Strong financial acumen and hands-on ability have enabled him to find ways to improve the performance of both profitable and marginal businesses significantly. He has applied fresh thinking and dynamic business advice to find exceptional solutions to complex technical, marketing, and financial challenges of large and small companies.

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Dr. Robert J. Potter

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R obert J. Potter is the former chief executive officer of Datapoint Corp. (NYSE). Dr. Potter has held executive management positions with Nortel Networks, International Harvester, Xerox and IBM. He founded the Dallas-area business and technical consulting firm, R. J. Potter Company, in 1991. Born in New York City and raised in Pennsylvania, Potter graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Lafayette College in 1954 and earned a Ph.D. in optics in 1960 from University of Rochester. He wrote the first dissertation on fiber optics in the USA, led the development of the first multifont optical character recognition machine, xeroradiography, printwheel typing systems, laser xerography for fax machines and computer printers among many other technically-rich products and systems.

Potter has served on the boards of seven public companies, most with multi-billion dollar market capitalization, various size private companies, two universities, and several non-profit organizations. He has served on the boards of technology start-ups. Potter has been the chief executive officer of an NYSE company. R. J. Potter offers a unique style of management counseling and coaching. He helps owners and CEOs handle complicated business issues as well as tactical problems. His clients see their businesses in a new light, re-evaluate their priorities, define new strategies, and deal more effectively with operating issues. He helps presidents improve their leadership effectiveness and helps owners increase the market value of their companies. Dr. Potter provides operations reviews, strategic thinking, and approaches to liquidity. He is always independent and objective. Potter structures and facilitates retreats and planning meetings. Dr. Potter has written over fifty articles for various scientific, technical and business journals and magazines, including the first encyclopedia section on optical character recognition. He holds three U.S. patents and is the co-owner of another. Dr. Potter is often quoted on technology-oriented business issues; he has given numerous speeches to public and private groups.

Clients are treated with high priority whether they are individuals or corporations. Dr. Potter works hard to ensure that he and his client have an efficient honest relationship.

- Robert J. Potter, Ph.D