Board Experience

Publicly Traded Companies

1979-1982 | Board of Directors
First City Bank of Dallas
Dallas, Texas

1981-2013 | Board of Directors
Molex Corporation
Lisle, Illinois

1983-1988 | Board of Directors
Xytronyx, Inc.
San Diego, California

1987-1990 | Board of Directors
Datapoint Corp.
San Antonio, Texas

2001-2007 | Board of Directors
Cree, Inc.
Durham, North Carolina

2003-2015 | Board of Directors
Zebra Technologies Corporation
Lincolnshire, Illinois

2007-2008 | Director Emeritus
Cree, Inc.
Durham, North Carolina


Private and Advisory Boards

1999-2002 | Vice Chairman
Board of Governors
IIT Research InstitutE
Chicago, Illinois

2000-2013 | Board of Directors
The Bradshaw Group
Richardson, Texas

2000-2012 | Board of Directors
Dallas, Texas

2000-2002 | Chairman of the Firm
Tatum CIO Partners, LLP
Atlanta, Georgia

2002-2005 | Advisory Director
The American National Bank
Terrell, Texas

2006-2010 | Advisory Board
Micropac Industries, Inc.
Garland, Texas

2006-2010 Advisory Board
MicroSun Technologies
Lisle, Illinois

2009 — Advisory Board
Pearson Partners International
Dallas, Texas

2014 — Advisory Board
ilumi Solutions
Plano, Texas

2014 — Advisory Board
Marlton, New Jersey

2016 — Advisory Board
Imaging Physics
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, TEXAS


Institutions of Higher Education

1969-1975 | Trustee Committee
Athletics and Student Affairs
Lafayette College

1970-1975 | Board of Directors
Xerox Center for Health Care
Baylor School of Medicine

1974-1988 | Board of Directors
SMU College for Science and Technology
Dallas, Texas

1978-1979 | Board of Directors
SMU Edwin L. Cox School of Business
Dallas, Texas

1978 - Board of Trustees
Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, Illinois

1989-1992 | Engineering Advisory Committee
University of Texas at San Antonio

1998-2003 | Board of Trustees
Alliance for Higher Education
Dallas, Texas

2003-2007 | External Research
Advisory Council
University of Texas At Dallas

2010-2017 | University of Texas At Dallas
Development Board
Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas

Non-Profit Organizations

1977-1978 | Board of Directors
United Way of Dallas
Dallas, Texas

1985-1987 | Dallas Citizens CounciL
Dallas, Texas

1988-1989 | Executive Committee
San Antonio Economic Development Foundation

1988-1990 | Board of Directors
United Way of San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas

1988-1990 | Advisory Board
Alamo Chapter of American Diabetes Association

1987-1988 | Board of Directors Richardson Medical Center Foundation